i can't believe i dreamt this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

it's reali strange when i suddenly have enough free time to actually dream and end up with weird, morbid ones that seem to have little meaning but are reali freaky. usually with sch i dun even haf breathing space, let alone relax enough to let my mind wander so much around and achieve the state -- dreaming. anyway.. just to note this down and remember that something actually happened in my head. i sure as hell hope it won't be happening in real life cos if it did i would be a VERY VERY DEPRESSED person for like, the rest of my life. but it's so ALTERNATE UNIVERSE & overtly surreal that it can't possibly happen.

i dreamt that someone died. the setting was in a place that looked pretty much like an academic institute, but it wasn't my sec sch and not junior college either. the ppl around me were a combination of friends from both places tho, and tt in itself was already suspicious. i heard by word of mouth that this particular guy, a sec-sch guy whom i din know at all but had a 'sort of' crush on, was getting married. strangely i din go for the wedding dinner, and everyone else did. the next day again, a fren told me wad happened.. he'd died on his wedding day. Why, how, when... apparently i was too stunned & shocked to ask, and i woke up not knowing that either. the last thing i really remember was being told that his girlfriend, or wife, whatever, was a reali sweet and pretty girl, which is really no big surprise. So.. YEAH WEIRD DREAM!!! it's more like the things i DON'T KNOW than wad i know that realli shocked me when i woke up.
why didn't i go? i would have gone, and it has nothing to do wif the fact that i like him, cos i would still go since i think his happiness is just like one of the most important things ever. and how come i didn't find out how it happened. it seems as tho i was the onli one in the dream who was reali reali agitated--- everyone around me seemed upset, but generally inclined towards apathy and 'it's not reali much of my business'.
a fren told me to pray for him and if it's a prophecy (pls... *_*) pray that he becomes a Christian b4 anything actually happens. Why wld anything happen? it's just a particuarly morbid and dumb dream that occurred and anyway, i sure hope it doesn't happen cos i hope he's got a happy life and no one in singapore would voluntarily marry at an age of 19, and i bet he's got more sense and smarts to not end up in a such a situation.
welll.. ok.. haha.. gtg study now. REALI STUDY, since i keep inadvertently putting it off, preferring to slack and stare goggle-eyed at the tv or tune the radio. ARGGGHHHHHHH I'M GOING TO FAIL MY A LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~*~*~ whine ~*~*~*

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